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Meet Bill Bradford, LS - Leading the Charge in Surveying Excellence at J2

In honor of National Surveyors Week, we asked our Senior Associate and Managing Director of Survey, Bill Bradford, a few questions about his journey from starting out in surveying to becoming licensed and leading a team.

Bill Bradford, J2 Survey

Q: Can you explain your previous experience and your role now?

Bill: My previous experience working in a survey department ranged from preparing plats, coordinating and directing field personnel, reading plans and preparing computations for field stakeout, researching deeds and plats of record, and processing/preparing boundary and topographic surveys - all being done under the mentorship of a licensed surveyor.  When I became licensed, I quickly grew in the management of a team and the production of the above-mentioned services.

My current role at J2 gives me the ability to work with and lead a complete survey team, from field personnel to office technicians and to other licensed surveyors. I have been entrusted with the ability to help mold and shape the future vision of the survey department.


Q: Can you share a personal achievement or project you're particularly proud of?

Bill: I would say that I am especially proud of becoming a licensed surveyor. There seems to be less and less individuals becoming licensed in the field of surveying and being part of this small community is important to me. My journey was not a short one; I didn’t graduate college with a surveying (or related) degree so I had to attend night classes for five years to obtain credits to be able to qualify to sit for the exam. Even with the credits, I still had to demonstrate that I gained relative hours working in the field of surveying. This process took time and the payoff in the end was very rewarding.


Q: Why should prospective clients choose J2 for their project needs?

Bill: Prospective clients should choose J2 for their surveying needs because, throughout each project, they will receive timely and personal service. Our team of licensed professionals and technical staff are fully equipped to meet a variety of surveying needs. Be it our clients need a half-acre physical improvement survey or a 500-acre ALTA/NSPS survey with topography, we have the people and equipment to complete the project on budget and in a timely manner.


Q: What value of J2's resonates with you?

Bill: The value that resonates the most with me is “Put people first.” I think it is important to empower each other to honor the Golden Rule. Adhering to these concepts creates a nurturing and powerful work environment.


About Bill

Bill’s path to surveying began when he earned a drafting certificate and was introduced to the worlds of architecture, engineering, and surveying. After studying computer science at Christopher Newport University and graduating from the renowned Woodson Program, he pursued his surveying license. Now, after over 20 years in the field, he is J2’s Managing Director of Survey.

His passion for history fuels his work, evident in his multiple awards for platting contests. One notable achievement includes winning a first-place national platting award for a classified government project, which remains under wraps!

Bill's expertise encompasses pre-development survey services, including topographic base mapping and boundary/ALTA/NSPS surveys spanning Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. His capabilities extend to property/boundary surveys, preparation of plats for R/W dedication and easements, and GPS mapping of water, sewer, and stormwater system components. Additionally, Bill is responsible for managing services related to record platting, construction stakeout, and post-construction (as-builts).


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