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Bruce Barnett, PE

Bruce’s road to civil engineering started with an unwavering drive to design a bridge. He later followed the path of his older brother into a career in engineering, receiving a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from West Virginia University Institute of Technology. As a transportation engineer, Bruce’s sweet spot is connection – connecting with people on a personal level and providing transportation solutions that connect communities. His commitment is evidenced by his significant contributions to Virginia's transportation landscape, including pivotal roles in the Transform 66 and I-495 Express Lanes projects (that have a combined worth of over $5.7 billion). Bruce takes pride in the role transportation engineering plays in keeping people – and commerce – on the move. And he is committed to solutions that are efficient, knowing how that resonates with his clients' values.

Bruce is a solutions-driven professional, always looking for a better way to get the best final product. He states the best advice he’s been given is to “ask questions!” While we can’t always know all the answers to a problem, knowing the right questions to ask is crucial to problem-solving. As a young engineer who benefitted from the knowledge of multiple mentors, Bruce also believes it’s important to pay it forward and actively mentors junior staff to ensure they are the best engineers they can be.

An avid reader, Bruce’s nightstand is never without a selection of books. Currently, he's revisiting a personal favorite, "The Culture Code" by Daniel Coyle. He and his wife are enthusiastic explorers and share a love of travel and discovery. They’ve set their sights on Australia as their next grand adventure.


Back-to-back foosball champion at WVU Tech.

Has a vast art collection.

Volunteers with local greyhound rescue.

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