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SR. ASSOCIATE, Land Development

Gus Brush, PE

Gus has been passionate about civil engineering since he heard his father's advice that the field was in high demand. He recognized then there was always going to be a need for bridges, roads, and development, and he wanted to be the one to create them. Driven to design projects that benefit the world around him led him to align with J2, a firm with a similar mindset and reputation for excellence and innovation. Gus is committed to providing top-quality work and values quality relationships. He continually strives to help his team grow and succeed and has a passion for mentoring young engineers on a personal and professional level.

Gus seeks a healthy balance in all things, including work and play. His favorite activities away from work are sports, time with family, and Christmas and spring breaks filled with water and snow skiing.


Favorite mantra? Seize the Day!

Approaches life at 100%.

People first, always!

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