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Jeff Gilliland, PE

Jeff, a founding principal of J2 Engineers, is a true engineer who enjoys getting hands-on with his projects while also enjoying the business of running a firm. He has been integral in building the firm to more than 75 employees in five offices across the state while continually reinforcing J2’s unique culture. Jeff believes in giving back and finds fulfillment as a leader and mentor working with young engineers; his involvement in their development is how he assures his passion for land development design continues to the next generation of engineers. For much of the past 20 years, Jeff has maintained a strong connection with Virginia Tech, his alma mater, by serving on advisory and executive boards for the Land Development Design Industry (LDDI).

Jeff counts among his many accomplishments a wonderful marriage to his high school sweetheart, successfully raising three children, and living his passion for engineering every day. Jeff’s secret guilty pleasure is that he and his kids are crazy about wrestling.


17 marathons under his belt.

His largest and longest land development project spanned 10 years.

Leadership books and podcasts are his jam.

Monday and Friday nights are WWE nights in the Gilliland household.

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