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Engineering a Safer Future: J2's Solutions for Pedestrian Safety

Civil engineers have a vital role to play in designing, improving, and maintaining the infrastructure that directly impacts pedestrian safety and mobility. Their responsibilities encompass the design, maintenance, and improvement of critical infrastructure elements such as the design of sidewalks, well-placed crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and curb ramps for smooth transitions. Civil engineers implement traffic-calming measures, like speed bumps and raised crosswalks, to reduce vehicle speeds in pedestrian-heavy areas.

Our strength at J2 lies in our holistic approach. We're a team that thinks big, devising creative solutions to not only boost safety but also make our communities more attractive. So, let's delve into how we work our magic with some project examples:

Safe Routes to School, Loudoun County Public Schools, Various Locations - Loudoun County, VA

J2’s role as the Design Engineer for multiple Safe Routes to School (SRTS) projects in Loudoun County, Virginia has contributed to the improvement of pedestrian safety in school zones. The design of pedestrian crosswalks with handicap ramps, road diets, installation of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems, and ADA improvements served as critical measures in creating safer environments for students, faculty, and pedestrians accessing these areas. The federally funded SRTS program, active in Virginia since 2007, aims to make walking and biking to school a safer and more natural activity for communities.

By integrating these safety measures, J2 not only enhanced the safety of school routes but also fostered a more pedestrian-friendly environment, promoting a culture of active and safe transportation for students and residents alike. For more information on the SRTS program, visit

Safe Routes to School, Loudoun County Public Schools - Loudoun County, VA

Pedestrian Improvements, Phase I, Town of Hamilton, VA

Pedestrian Improvements, Phase I, Town of Hamilton, VA

J2's role as the Lead Engineer in the design of pedestrian improvements along Colonial Highway-Route 7 in the Town of Hamilton facilitated a myriad of benefits for both the Town and the community. By replacing approximately 1,300 feet of deteriorated sidewalks and introducing 800 feet of new sidewalks, the project made significant strides in enhancing safety for pedestrians, addressing potential hazards posed by the previously degraded infrastructure.

This transformation not only improved safety but also fostered increased accessibility, creating a continuous pedestrian network. The project aligned seamlessly with the broader goal of the Town of Hamilton to enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility, contributing to the overall development and appeal of the community. The initiative’s incorporation and upgrade of pedestrian facilities within a limited right-of-way corridor, despite the challenge of multiple utilities, signifies an essential infrastructure upgrade that modernizes the area's amenities.

Pedestrian Improvements, Town of Middleburg, VA

Pedestrian Improvements, Town of Middleburg, VA

J2 developed multi-modal solutions aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety within a "triangular" plaza/intersection without compromising its historical character. The primary project objective was to improve pedestrian accessibility and establish previously missing sidewalk connections to the elementary school. The plan involved the reorganization of intersection lane configurations and traffic flow, incorporating elevated paver crosswalks as a traffic calming measure to enhance pedestrian safety. Key enhancements comprised elevated intersections, brick crosswalks, and streetscape landscaping elements, all contributing to improved pedestrian safety. This was a VDOT LAP project with Transportation Enhancement and VDOT Open Container funding.

“J2 has provided assistance to the Town on a variety of projects over the years, from grant-funded public infrastructure projects to community wayfinding. One of their first projects was to help us complete a grant-funded pedestrian improvement project that had been languishing for years. They simplified the design to streamline the project and save costs and assisted the Town in seeing the project through completion.” - Martha Mason Semmes, Former Town of Middleburg Administrator

Regional Trail - Route 15 North Widening, Leesburg, VA

Within J2's Route 15 North Widening project spanning from Battlefield Parkway to Montresor Road, a notable aspect is the design of a segment of the Loudoun County Regional Trail system. The trail is proposed to run the length of SB Route 15 from the Town of Leesburg to Whites Ferry Road. This regional trail measures 16 feet wide, accommodating a higher volume of users and ensuring safe and comfortable experiences for various groups, including pedestrians, runners, cyclists, and others. The trail serves as a forward-looking and community-oriented component of the Route 15 North Widening project, promoting active transportation, safety, and accessibility.

Regional Trail - Route 15 North Widening, Leesburg, VA

At J2, we are committed to creating safer environments for everyone in our communities, be it on foot, on a bicycle, or behind the wheel. We take immense pride in witnessing the tangible impact of our work. It's not just about designing and constructing—it's about ensuring safer streets, reducing accidents, and fostering efficient transportation.

Check out more about our people, projects, and purpose at J2 !


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