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From Vision to Reality: J2's New Herndon Headquarters

June 2024 -- J2 has moved its corporate office from Chantilly, Virginia to Herndon, Virginia. The Fairfax County location was desired to continue serving clients in the region as well as in Loudoun County where J2 has completed major projects and supporting infrastructure over the years.

“The move is about our people and creating a first-class environment where they can thrive, as well as recognizing that our firm, which started in 2007 with three people in a Manassas office, has grown to more than 75 people today. We’ve made a commitment to creating a beautiful and functional space with an open concept where we can collaborate and connect as a team, and where our employees want to work every day,” said founding principal Jeff Gilliland, PE.

Connectivity to other J2 offices and accessibility to public transit was key; the business corridor connects via the Metro and major highways to the firm’s Arlington and Leesburg offices. “Our prior location in Chantilly didn’t offer the wealth of building amenities and access to outdoor recreational space and surrounding nature trails,” said J2’s president and principal Bob Brown, PE. “The location of the new office was part of the firm’s strategic long-term vision to allow us to meet the needs of our employees while serving our clients in the regions where they’re located.”

Our teams takes a meeting outside

The Herndon location takes advantage of the growth in the corridor and the wealth of green space, commercial ventures, dining spots, and conveniences available for J2 staff. Based upon a recent employee survey, the team indicated the importance of working in the office daily for ease of collaboration and to build relationships with colleagues.

The urban and modern design includes an open office space, ample natural light, a dedicated wellness room, and collaborative huddle rooms identified by the firm’s core values. Additionally, the office features a versatile training and event space and access to a fitness center in the building — all designed to create an exceptional workplace environment.

One of J2's branded huddle rooms
Our team utilizing the building's shared meeting and training space

“We felt that the best way to elevate our employee’s experience was a non-traditional layout that promoted co-mingling in an open environment not necessarily organized by team or department. We’ve intermingled different engineering disciplines with technical professionals and administration to create synergy and literally break down the walls that can occur in an organization,” said founding principal Jim Bishoff, PE.  


Significantly, this move marks the opening of our first branded office since the firm rebranded in 2023. It reflects our commitment to our values, vision, and mission, while creating a cohesive and professional environment that resonates with both employees and clients.

Branding our corporate office is a pivotal step in establishing a strong, recognizable identity across our firm and in the marketplace. We are excited to bring these branded elements into our other offices as well.

Check out the video of our "move-in" day. It was a fun one!

We'd love for our clients and friends to drop by and see our new home. Visit us anytime and join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter!

Our brand new corporate office is located at:


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