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How to Create a Roadmap for Your Career: Advice for My Younger Self

J2 Co-founder and Principal, Jeff Gilliland, PE, recently visited his alma mater, Virginia Tech, to share his insights and lessons learned from his successful career in civil engineering and beyond. He spoke with students in the Land Development Design Initiative (LDDI) program, answering their questions and offering tips on how to plan and achieve their professional goals.

Be Intentional and Invest in Your Growth

Jeff emphasized the importance of being intentional and proactive in developing your skills and knowledge as a land development professional. He shared that he always sought out opportunities to learn new things, take on new challenges, and expand his network. He also encouraged the students to invest in their growth by pursuing certifications, continuing education, and mentorship.

Set Goals and Recalibrate as Life Happens

Jeff also shared his advice on how to set realistic and meaningful goals for your career. He said that he used a simple framework of short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals to guide his decisions and actions. He also said that he was flexible and adaptable when faced with unexpected changes or obstacles. He advised the students to recalibrate their goals as life happens, but never lose sight of their vision and values.

We extend our gratitude to LDDI at Virginia Tech for allowing us to engage with and inspire the future leaders in land development. To the students, we invite you to keep in touch with J2 and consider applying for internships or job openings, as we continually seek talented and passionate individuals to join our team.

Interested in an internship or working at J2? Find out why we take pride in our values-based culture and a workplace that stands out in the industry. Visit our Careers Page!


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