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J2 Named a Largest Landscape Architecture Firm by the Washington Business Journal

J2 is proud to have been named a Largest Landscape Architecture Firm in Greater Washington by the Washington Business Journal. This award was ranked by the metro-area landscape revenue for 2022. Our Landscape Architecture Studio is designed to complement the multidisciplinary engineering framework at J2. Our broad range of experience in multiple locales and market sectors fuels the extended offering of landscape architecture services we deliver.

J2 Landscape Architecture Award
J2 Named a Largest Landscape Architecture Firm by the Washington Business Journal

Adam Steiner, PLA/ISA-CA, Sr. Associate, launched J2’s Landscape Architecture Studio a little over four years ago. Adding an in-house LA studio to J2's portfolio of services was something new, and we quickly saw the fruits of our labor by competing and winning work against large LA firms in the region.

“We continue to support our civil partners on a variety of public and private projects in Virginia, Maryland, and areas beyond that while offering many clients exclusive LA services,” says Adam.

Fast forward to 2023, J2 is proud of this award and to rank among other top local LA firms in the Washington Metro-Area. We look forward to our continued growth, by serving our promise to deliver measurable and lasting results to all our clients.

J2 Landscape Architecture Project

The J2 Landscape Architecture Studio works on a variety of projects, including mixed-use, multifamily, urban design and planning, community planning, secure government building, institutional, park and recreational, and streetscape projects.

To learn more about our expertise in landscape architecture and some of J2's projects, visit here.


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