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J2 Supports Efforts to Bring Village at Clear Springs to Loudoun County

The proposed Village at Clear Springs development in Leesburg, Virginia aims to create a sustainable and pedestrian-oriented community spanning 246 acres. It is specifically designed to provide housing options for lower-income, single millennials, families, and active adults. J2 is serving as the Lead Engineer for this exciting project.

Rezoning Process and Collaboration: In collaboration with Chantilly-based developer, the Clear Springs Development Group, J2 has worked diligently with a talented project team to prepare the rezoning application and respond to comments from county staff. In preparing the Conceptual Development Plan, J2 developed planning concepts and design guidelines. 

Housing Diversity and Accessibility: The Village at Clear Springs application proposes 1,077 homes, featuring a mix of affordable, market-rate, and age-restricted units. These homes will be thoughtfully planned around a central core of natural wetlands, forests, and meadows. Additionally, the inclusion of Age-Restricted homes in the community supports the growing demand for this housing type.

Recreational Amenities and Community Connectivity: The community is designed to provide an abundance of active and passive recreational amenities for residents and visitors alike. Civic gathering areas, community trails, pocket parks, community pools, fitness centers, and a community clubhouse are among the amenities offered. In a notable addition, the Village at Clear Springs will incorporate a world-class 19-acre indoor/outdoor tennis and pickleball complex. This facility will be owned and operated by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), which plans to relocate its mid-Atlantic headquarters to the site. This exceptional sports amenity will further enhance the appeal of the community.

Emphasis on Community and Open Spaces: Community connectivity lies at the heart of the Village at Clear Springs. The design prioritizes accessibility for all residents, ensuring significant green scenic living spaces interconnected by trails suitable for walking, jogging, and cycling. Homes will be strategically built around these open spaces, ensuring ease of access for all residents and their guests. The combination of unique architectural design, abundant community amenities, and resort-style landscape standards fosters a harmonious neighborhood that promotes a sense of community among its residents.

Transportation and Infrastructure: Recognizing the need to improve the existing transportation infrastructure, the developer is proffering to build two additional lanes on Evergreen Mills Road along the one-mile frontage of the development. The proposed proffered improvements are consistent with the county's transportation plan to widen the existing two-lane road to a four-lane, median-divided roadway.

J2 continues to work with the development team and county staff on the project, as the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors approved the project in April 2024. With a focus on housing diversity, recreational amenities, and community connectivity, Village at Clear Springs will create a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood for residents of all ages. Additionally, the inclusion of a state-of-the-art tennis and pickleball complex will add a unique and exciting element to the community's offerings. 

Village at Clear Springs

J2’s illustrative concept plan shows the proposed Village at Clear Springs housing development outside Leesburg in Loudoun County, VA.


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