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Jeff Gilliland, PE, Receives 2023 Hokie Stone Award Through LDDI

LDDI hosted its second annual recognition and appreciation ceremony this summer, and J2's very own Co-founder and Principal, Jeff Gilliland was awarded the 2023 Hokie Stone Award. This event is held each year to bring together and recognize some of the individuals whose commitment of "time, talent, and treasure" have helped to advance land development education at Virginia Tech.

Hokie Stone Award recipients are recognized for selflessly giving their time and energy, as well as company resources, to support the LDDI program. The award is given whenever a deserving longtime supporter of the program reaches a milestone within their involvement. Jeff's milestone is that he is departing the Executive Board after many years of involvement, and numerous roles served.

Jeff Gilliland first became involved with LDDI in 2007 when founding member Gary Bowman invited him to attend an early outreach meeting. Jeff joined the LDDI Advisory Board the following year, and between 2008 and 2021, he served multiple terms as both the Board’s Chair and Vice Chair. Throughout the spring 2021 semester, Jeff selflessly gave his time, meeting with LDDI coordinators weekly as a new organizational model and strategic plan took shape.

"I find tremendous fulfillment as a leader and a mentor when working with young engineers. My involvement in their development is how I can assure that my passion for land development design carries on to the next generation of engineers," Jeff says.

While Jeff’s leadership and vision have been invaluable to LDDI over the years, his passion lies in creating meaningful learning experiences and providing career and life advice to students. Though he may be stepping away from his role on the LDDI Executive Board, he will still be involved and engaged with LDDI students for many years to come!

Land Development Design Initiative | Virginia Tech (LDDI)

Part of the Bowman Sustainable Land Development Program at Virginia Tech, LDDI is a collaborative effort of the Via Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech with industry practitioners. The three primary objectives of LDDI are: Improving land development design education, including increasing student awareness of land development design as a career path, Increasing interaction between practitioners and undergraduate civil engineering students at Virginia Tech, and enhancing research efforts in the land development area.

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