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Meet Leslie Bailey, J2’s New HR Director

Just a month into her new career at J2 Engineers, we asked our new Director of Human Resources, Leslie Bailey, a few questions to learn more about her, her experience, and why she chose J2 Engineers.

Q: What drove you to choose to join J2 Engineers?

Leslie: Meeting the leadership team is what did it. As I went through the recruitment process and met each principal, they got me excited about joining the J2 team.

Q: How did you choose HR? What drew you to the profession?

Leslie: I didn’t start in HR, however. I fell into it. I was an Operations Manager for a real estate firm many years ago. They were small. As they grew, they needed benefits with affordable options for all. I started digging and found some great plans. I became their go-to person for anything employee relations related. The “Go see Leslie, and she’ll figure it out” person. Halfway into my career there, I realized I was doing HR and loved it. I returned to school to make it my career.

Q: What are you most excited about joining the J2 team?

Leslie: J2 feels like a family, and I can make a difference in helping people come aboard and stay by providing the benefits and opportunities they need. I came here because I liked the culture and the vision, and we have the talent. I’m excited to expand on what we already have to help current and future employees.

Q: Special areas of interest in your field?

Leslie: Employee relations, benefits, compensation, employee counseling, and on-boarding / off-boarding. I especially enjoy employee relations, getting to know people, discovering what makes a difference in their lives, and hopefully helping them find that at work.

Q: What past work experiences make you feel proud?

Leslie: I’ve worked with smaller companies that didn’t have an HR department. I helped them build and grow an HR department by recognizing HR needs. It is important to me to make a difference to all employees by providing them an easy way to access the resources to find what they need.

Q: What are your most significant skillsets?

Leslie: Employee relations and getting to know people by building relationships and trust.

Thank you, Leslie, for chatting with us!


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