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Bob Brown, PE, Named President of J2

Bob Brown Named President of J2

June 2024 -- J2 announces that the firm's Board of Directors has named Bob Brown, PE, as president. The decision represents J2’s plan to install the next generation of leadership while still respecting the roots of the firm. Founding principals, Jeff Gilliland, PE, and Jim Bishoff, PE, will remain in key roles of chairman of the board and vice president respectively, concentrating on strategic initiatives and supporting the firm’s next generation of leaders.


The vision of Gilliland and Bishoff has always been to lead an organization that was markedly different in the industry. Brown and J2’s senior leadership will continue the legacy while building the next generation of J2.

“The appointment of Bob as president follows a strategic path that started with our rebrand in 2023. He was instrumental in driving the transition of J2’s brand and in reinforcing the culture J2 is known for,“ said Bishoff. “Bob is a leader among leaders and represents the future — with his drive and vision, now’s the time.” 


Upon joining the firm in 2015, Brown brought strength in the commercial markets to J2, a firm well known for its transportation projects and planned urban development. His expertise further diversified J2's portfolio, enabling the firm to undertake a wide array of public and private development projects across various sectors in the Northern Virginia region.

Now, aligned with a core J2 value of leading with integrity, as Brown takes the helm, he will concentrate on strategically planning the path ahead and managing with honesty and empathy. “I’ve had so many people help me throughout my career, but Jim and Jeff have undoubtedly played the largest role in my success. As J2’s president I want to honor that and help others achieve their career aspirations as well,” said Brown.


As Brown transitions into the role of president, creating increased opportunities for employees is a priority.

“Bob embraces J2’s core values and brings an incredible work ethic in leading by example. This approach has garnered him the overwhelming support of our employees as he steps into this crucial role,”

said Gilliland. “Our junior leaders and mid-level professionals can see the opportunities for enhanced leadership roles and advancement in their own careers.”


Brown remains committed to guiding J2 as a legacy firm with key responsibility of taking on day-to-day operations and creating the future pathway for J2. “I’m so privileged to lead the next generation of J2. As we’re poised to build on our growth, we’re ensuring that it’s sustainable for the years to come,” Brown added.

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